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Trendy and High Absorbent Microfiber Beach Towel for New Generations

Many people out there are wondering what is the difference between a normal bath towel and beach towel! Well let me answer your question.

A beach towel is a towel which you use if the sea is calling you when you go to the beach to get a tan or spent time with your family you use the beach towels. It is a towel that you use at the beach, as the name suggests.

What is the difference between a normal towel and beach towel?

A normal towel is something that you use during bath time or at home for the different purpose. Normal towels made from cotton can become damp and dirty when used and don't even think about taking your normal towel to the beach or you will be home all day clearing sand off from your towel after your return from the beach.

A beach towel specially designed by large companies for your perfect day at the beach. Big multinational companies like crov and maximmart manufacture and sells Microfiber Beach Towel for your perfect beach day. Microfiber #Beach #Towel made by these companies is the same as cotton but with the added benefits. This kind of towels is sand free and they absorb same as cotton and they take much less time to dry when compared with a cotton towel. Crov Company also makes Quick dry microfiber #travel #towel for traveling purposes.

There are different variations of beach towels you can get in the market now let me tell you how to choose the best towel

The different types of towels are

1. Cotton Towel.
2. Microfiber Beach Towel.
3. Chamois Towel.

How to choose the best towel?

Choosing a beach towel is not a difficult job but if you find it hard or can't decide which type of towel you should not get worried. Here you are going to find everything about beach towel that will help you to choose

Cotton beach towels are made up of 100% cotton. Sometimes they use 75% and 25% polyester these type of #towel feels great on #tour #skin, they are soft and easily washable but there are cons of using cotton towels, these cotton towels are heavy to carry and when the stains on the towel are hard to remove.

Microfiber towel has more fibres woven in a web-like #fashion. Individual fibres have bristles so that the overall surface area of the towels increases. These towels are light and easy to carry it is best for comfort.

Chamois towels are generally smaller than microfiber and cotton and they are very coarse in the structure they are much more durable but the comfort element is not there.

You can choose your towels from the #online #market they also have quick dry microfiber #travel towel for your long travel but do remember to get towels from reputed manufacturers like crov or maximmart. So that you can get trusted products.

Hope this information was helpful, thank you.

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