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The Micro Fiber Magic in Beach Towels and Travel Towels

Who could ever imagine a time ago that polymers and polyesters can be woven into such a comfort that can be made into towels that you can wrap yourself up into a cozy nest? These materials stand up to a very rough wear and tear and still maintain the durability. They are mainly woven or knitted to give them a strength and durability. #Microfibers are nowadays the best choices for the towels and this is because they are light, easy to carry and strong enough to go a long way.

Is micro fiber good enough?

However, are they sugar and cream all the way? The answer is no! , however, they are made of polymers the synthetic material. It can never be as comfortable as cotton and is not good for the skin that is sensitive. Despite the fact, they are made out of polyamides, micro fiber materials are extremely smooth and comfortable to the skin. Nevertheless, longtime use may give your skin the irritation you will not be pleased to bear.

Microfibers are woven into different household materials and usable objects from microfiber #beach towel, microfiber travel towels, bed sheets, and even mops. As it is obvious cotton mercerized fibres are much heavier than the microfibers and take time to dry. So the obvious choice of sand free beach #towel has shifted from cotton to micro fibres as they are lightweight and easily folds into a small pocket. Besides, it is also very easily available nowadays and is cheaper compared to cotton.

However, a lot depends on which types of microfibers are to be used because environmental concerns are also a big concern nowadays. The fibres from bamboo trees, viscose plants are the most sought after as they are environment-friendly as well as most skin friendly. As they are plant-based and not plastic made by machines they breathe through the fibres and can replace cotton.

Although cotton and linens are taken as #luxury fibres besides silk, organza and georgettes, micro fibres like viscose are cheaper options and often blended with fabric threads to make dresses. But what has been winning most hearts are the micro fibre beach towels and the Microfiber #BeachTowel as both are open to random use and water and drying them is a big problem where sunlight is a constraint. And as towels are the most used piece of fabric and a way to hygienic living, quick dry microfiber #travel towel did save our lives. Thanks to the innovations of the new century!!

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