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The Best Beach Towel You Can Get Within This Moderate Price Range.

People who are into water sports or visit the beach regularly in their leisure have often come across the term quick dry microfiber travel towel. This is an article dedicated to all the surfers, scuba divers and swimmers and we will try educating them about this unique product. Most of us make the common mistake of taking a cotton towel at the beach and we end up having a tough with those stubborn sand particles sticking on our butt.

Unique properties of the product:

There are very few of us who are aware that to avoid the situation of sand sticking, there is a special product called #microfiber #beachtowel which will put an end to that misery. These towels are made of Nylon or Polyesters whose fiber ’s diameter is even less than a silk strand. A question can come to our reader’s mind that why not use sarong instead of this. We will reveal that later in our article. These microfibers provide a large surface area which imparts a superabsorbent property to the product. The large surface area also makes it super dry. It takes very little time to dry up and becomes ready to be used again.

Edge over Sarong:

Now, why will we use this product instead of sarong? We can get sand off a sarong easily and it also dries up very easily. The specialty of quick #dry microfiber #travel #towel is even if it is wet, sand particles will not stick to it. But in case of a wet sarong sands do stick on them. After finishing with your surfing just wrap it around yourself properly, it will dry you up completely without a single sand particle sticking on your body. But it will not be able to contain the heat of the body. The person might get chills after getting out of the water and this towel is useless in that case.

Positives and Negatives:

The thin material can make it uncomfortable lying on it as it has got no cushion on it. A towel gets its fluffiness because of the loops of thread that cover it. But sand gets stuck in those loops and that is not what we want. The microfiber #beach towel is super light and can be easily fitted into a small pouch. The pouch comes with the product when you buy it and that makes it easier to carry to the beach. The price is borderline moderate and easily available both offline and online.

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