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Sneak Peek into Some Quick Dry Microfiber Travel Towel

Towels are an essential part for everyone in everyday life. Especially when you have to travel a lot there are some specific towels that you need always under your backpack.

Some details of these types of towels:

Microfiber #beach towel come in exquisite designs that are both elegant yet simple. The towels that are called microfiber are because of their fabric content. They are made up of 80% polyester and 20% nylon. The thread count is very high in order to maintain the perfect blend of flexibility and durability.

As already the name suggests these towels have the power of absorbing water 10 times faster than any other normal bath towel. Quick dry #microfiber #travel towel are very easy to carry while you are traveling.

Features of these microfiber towels:

Another amazing feature of this microfiber beach #towel is that they are quick absorbents too. They soak up to 4 times water or any other spills than their original weight. The cleanup please faster than most other towels used. The #quick dry microfiber travel towel come in two different sizes and are usually with a hoop, so that one can easily hang it anywhere they wish to. They are generally of two sizes 20”×40” and 24” × 48”.

Absolutely easy to fold, they are light weight and compact so that you can easily put them in your travel bags and not feel their weight.


The travel towels are treated with ion antibacterial, to prevent them from smelling bad or any kind of fungal infections. They are made keeping in mind of the feature of highly quick dry method. With the luxurious suede material finish it always gives a comfortable touch to the skin.

Can be the perfect companion as a blanket to when you are traveling. These towels are made keeping in mind that they can absorb sweat high amount of water in a very short span of time. So you no need to worry about air travels to dry up so you can use them once again when you already have a quick try microfiber travel towel next to you all the time.

With the quick dry and anti-micro bacterial treatment done these towels are your go-to towels if you are a sports person and you sweat a lot. Because they can try it all without even knowing about it. The sizes that they come in at one small and one big so they can be used in both bathrooms, sports activities, hot yoga classes, pools, beaches or simply for bathing. They are made not just for fast drying but also in order to be a perfect absorbent to handle any amount of wetness

They are very smooth to the skin, just like any other silly soft material. But they towels are way better than the normal ones people generally end up using. In order to complete your hassle free #travel these #towels come in mesh bags so that you can put them anywhere you want be it a purse or a luxury luggage or trolley #bag. So what’s the wait for? Grab yours soon, before they are sold out!

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