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Next Time to the Beach Choose the Microfiber Beach Towel

The Microfiber #Beach Towel is made of a material called as microfiber. The fibre is basically less in diameter than a silk thread. The fibre is made using polyester or a polyamide blend. There are many reasons why one would prefer this over cotton.

What do you want in a towel that you take with you when you travel or to the beach? You want it to be compact in size so that it can be carried around easily. You also want something that does not let the sand stick to it. You also want to make sure that the towel is super absorbent.

Sand Free Beach #Towel and its uses

The biggest advantage of using this towel is that it is highly absorbent. This is why it makes as the best choice for a beach towel. The structure of the material and its surface area gives it a surface that is highly absorptive and helps to interact with water.

The different material made using #microfiber

Suede microfiber is a material made from microfiber. These are very portable and compact but many feel that they are not very comfortable to be used. You can use the full length towel make of suede microfiber and it folds up very small and thus makes it ideal to use when you are traveling. What is important is that you get used to this material.

The other material that is made with microfiber is terrycloth. The material is something in between because on one side it has the great absorptive property and on the other it is puffy like cotton. Quick dry microfiber travel towel are good if you are at home but for traveling these are not recommended. It is because it does not become very compact and thus takes a lot of your space.

The microfiber #beach towel that are textured

The textured waffle weave microfiber is like the blend of polyester and polyamide that can be used, but it has a texture to it. These make you feel like you are using a cotton towel but because it has terrycloth loop it is compact and can be used when traveling.

It makes a great and comfortable wrap and you feel good when you wear this material. Also the material is resistant to sand so this makes it ideal to be carried to the beach.

This is a great quick #dry microfiber #travel towel to take when traveling and it is also very comfortable to use.

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