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Let Us Hit the Beach with the Microfiber Towels

Towels are essential when you are hitting a beach. Previously beach towels were made of cotton. They are usually bigger in size when compared to the bath towels. But the cotton fiber towels were difficult to maintain. People who are involved in different sports and water sports would know that there are many kinds of towels for use. One of the kinds is a microfiber #beach towel.

Is it a necessity to carry a beach #towel?

Packing a towel for beach, which is made of cotton, is difficult to carry on as an option. But a beach towel would be handy in this case. For convenience, beach towels are now made of microfibers. Microfibers are smaller than silk thread diameter. Beach towels are sheared on one side. They are printed on sheared side with different attractive prints and designs.

The micro fiber towels are usually made of different types of fibers like polyester, polycotton, suede etc. They are easy to maintain and carry. They have loads of advantage when compared to cotton towels and so more and more people are opting for microfiber towel too. The polyester material is easier to use when in contact with water. The dirt can be easily dusted off from these. These towels have high absorbency and so can dry fast.

What are these micro fibers?

The beach towels are made of different microfibers like suede, terrycloth etc. to give had better feel. They are quite handy, as they require less space in your beach bags due to their make. The beach towels come with different textures. These textured towels are slip resistant too. They are made to feel like cotton towels. They are trendier and colorful. These attractive towels are favorites for all beach goers. The more compact and reusable it is, more is the demand.

A great innovation in #bath comfort

Microfiber beach towel are bigger in size than the standard towels. For convenience, these towels are now attached with straps and sometimes come with a carry bags. They are easy to carry and #fit in any types of #beach #bags more easily when compared to the traditional #cotton #towels.

Even microfiber towel are easily cleaned and dried quickly. Microfiber is comfortable and has enough thickness to make a wrap. These towels are #resistant to #sand, mud dust and #water so they are great for the #beach, camping and also great as a surf towel. They are compact and as well as portable. The microfiber towels are not only used for beaches, they are now used in #homes, #gyms etc.

These towels are full in size but can easily fold up to a very small size making it a great for #travelling too.

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