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Is Microfiber Beach Towel Worth Your Money?

A large proportion of our population didn’t even know that there exists a #towel of other #material other than #cotton. This resulted in widespread use of cotton towel from the gym to visits to the beach. We need to understand that the material of the #towel needs to be different to do the desired work. A #gym towel cannot be a heavy cotton one which will take days to dry or a cotton towel cannot be useful on the beach because it holds sand in its fabric. The only thing you will get; it will ruin your holiday. Let's talk about Quick Dry microfiber #travel towel and how is it different from other normal towels.

Material and its properties:

The work of a beach towel is when you lay it on the beach, the #sand particles should not stick. These sand particles can stick to your wet body parts and can absolutely ruin the day. To meet this requirement, there is a product called #microfiber #beach towel which does this job efficiently. These towels are made of special microfibers whose diameter is even less than a silk strand. The material of the towel is mostly polyester but Nylon is often used nowadays. This provides more surface area and in turn, it provides more #absorbing property to the towel. These towels are super thin and dry up very easily. So, if you are into watersports and visits the beach regularly this is the best deal for you.

Why it quick dry microfiber #travel #towelbetter than a #regular towel:

The material of the product is so #unique; even if it is wet it will not let sand stick to it. But in some parts of Australia where the sand grain is super fine, it may fail to do that. The microfiber beach towel is so light and soft that you can fold it and fit into a small pouch which makes it even more easy to carry. Once you are done with your weekend at the beach, all you need to do is a slight jerk at the end of the towel and all the sand particles will come rolling down. The price of the product is also very moderate and is easily available in many #online stores.

Room for Improvement:

The only negative about the product is, it is super thin and not at all #fluffy. This can make your lying on the beach experience little uncomfortable. The other downer is it has no thermal protective property. It will fail to warm up your body after you get out of the #water.

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