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Comfortable Sand Free Beach Towel – Think before Buy

Whenever you want to go out to the beach you just need a towel to dry. But you can't take just any bath towel to the beach or any other outing beside the lake. There are huge differences between a beach towel and a bath towel. So before buying a towel makes sure you have entire knowledge about the beach and bath towel.

What are the differences between #beach and #bath towel?

  • · #Beach towel should be bigger than size in comparison to the #bath #towel.

  • · While bath towel made up of 100% #cotton, beach towel made up of #microfiber are preferable to use.

  • · Bath towel takes time to #dry after use but microfiber #beach #towel dries #itself faster.

  • · Easily #washable in the #machine and resistant to tear. #Durability is higher than any normal #towel.

  • · #Soft and #light-weighted beach towel is easy to carry any location. But cotton made bath #towel is heavier than a quick dry microfiber travel towel.

  • · Towels that are made up of microfiber don’t stick with #sand. Sand can be easily removable in just seconds.

What are the main qualities that must be checked before buying?

  • · First thing first. The fabric must be cotton, terry cloths or microfiber. Microfiber is now commonly used to make microfiber #beach towel because of their tear resistance quality, durability, and easy wash technique.

  • · Whatever fabric you chose to make sure your skin is comfortable with it.

  • · Size of the towel should not be short. Because when you are in the beach, beach towel doesn't only dry you up but you can also lie on it. So the towel should be big enough for one or two people.

  • · Another important feature that you can't miss is the stitching at the edge. Selvage edge is more lasting than normal hemstitching.

  • · Though #design and #pattern are not important things to discuss but is catches attention on the beach. It also shows your class and choice and added fun to your outing. There are numerous choices of print and pattern available in the market as well as online.

What is the pricing range of sand free beach towel?

Normal cotton beach #towel price starts from $10 to $30. But some quick dry microfiber #travel towel comes with a high price like $90. Investing money on something nailing, enduring, enjoyable, comfortable is worth it.

Where to #buy?

These microfiber materials are easily obtainable from #online stores with great discount. Almost all online stores now sell beach towels so before buying make sure you chose best out of best according to requirement.

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