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Change To Microfiber Beach Towel and Change Your Beach Experience Forever

Everyone loves a fun day at the beach. It's the perfect place to spend your alone time or time with your family. A perfect beach day is not complete if you are not carrying your beach towel with you.

A perfect beach towel depends on the owner's preferences, for example, you can want your beach towel to be super soft or you want your beach towel to be super absorbent the type of beach towel you want is up to your choice. To me, a beach towel should be super absorbent and long-lasting.

There are three variants of beach towels

The 3 main types of beach towels are

1. Cotton beach towel.

2. Microfiber Beach Towel.

3. Chamois towels.

If you are still confused by all of these towels and can't figure out which one to choose don’t worries let me tell you how to choose the best one.

1. Cotton beach towels

Cotton towels are mostly used in hotels and spa because cotton offers comfort and luxury. In hotels and indoor spa compactness and portability does not play a major role.

However when going to the beach cotton towels are not the ideal choice as the cotton is fluffy it is totally opposite to compact. Cotton when wet becomes heavy and extremely hard to carry from one place to other. Cotton beach towels catch sand a lot faster than microfiber and chamois.

2. Microfiber beach towel

Microfiber is the term coined to any material smaller in diameter than one-fifth of human hair (silk). Microfibers are generally made up of polyester and different polymer blends. These microfibers are generally much better than Egyptian cotton or normal cotton because of its large absorbent surface area. These microfibers are very absorbent in nature.

Generally, microfibers are made by large multinational companies like Amazon and crov they make different microfiber materials other than towels like Quick Dry microfiber travel towel, microfiber cloths, cleaning mops.

3. Chamois towel

Chamois is actually PVA (polyvinyl alcohol), towels made up of this material is actually very compact you can fit it into any place you want it is more compact than microfibers but it has to be kept at room temperature or the towel will get damaged.

Chamois has a smooth denim-like texture against your skin but actually, there is no value in chamois towels as it is nor super-absorbent or fluffy like cotton.

So in short according to me, the best beach towel is the microfiber one as it is worth the money and long-lasting.

If you are into traveling you can find Quick Dry microfiber travel towel in a different online market it's is the perfect towel for long distance traveller.

Hope this information was helpful.

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