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5 Reasons Why Microfiber Beach Towel Is Better Than Our Cotton Towels

#Towels are so important and frequently used item in our daily lives that we often ignore it to a great extent. The cotton ones are the widely used towels that we commonly come across. But the problem is we actually don’t know which is the appropriate #towel for each of our daily needs. We cannot use a cotton towel while going to the gym. Firstly because it gets heavy when it drenches in sweat; secondly it takes a large space in our duffel bag. The time it takes for a cotton towel to dry is also quite long.

Try saving your beach day:

Now, imagine a scenario where you are lying on the sandy beach basking under the sun on a cotton towel. The cotton towels sound to be the odd one. The sand particles stick to the cotton one and end up ruining our beautiful day. #Microfiber Beach Towel is designed just to solve this problem. These towels are made of a special material called microfiber whose diameter is even less than a silk thread. The larger surface area of this material also improves the absorbing property of the towel. This Quick Dry Microfiber #Travel Towel can solve so many of our problems.

This Microfiber #Beach Towel comes in a wide variety of size and at a very affordable price. They also come with a pouch which easily fits the towel if folded properly. These towels dry three times faster than cotton ones and they are treated with silver ions which makes it odorless and free of bacteria. The towels don’t let sand particles to stick on it even when it is wet. They also come in trendy new patterns and designs. This towel is widely used and has a large number cult follower among several online shopping websites.

Can the drawbacks outweigh its benefit:

The only drawback of this Quick Dry Microfiber Travel Towel is it is super thin and it might get uncomfortable while lying on it. The other problem with this towel is after you are done with surfing; you need to dry and warm yourself. This towel will dry you up very quickly but due to its thin fabric, it will fail to keep you warm. A question may come in people’s mind that what is the point of buying this towel when a #sarong can do its job. The problem with sarong is if you try drying yourself with it sand particles will stick to your bare skin as sand sticks to a wet sarong. This can surely ruin your beach day.

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