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Our Stories

Jump in that blue ocean. Take a day off. Meditate near the water falls.  Hold your favorite yoga pose. Run through the lavender field. Climb that green mountain. BE YOU!

Take that risk.

Elite Trend HQ was founded by a mother and son who were driven by the simple facts that they wanted to promote health and wellness in life. Mia is an elementary teacher who loves storytelling and infuses morals in her teaching to kids aged 6-12. Michael is a Doctor of physical therapy and loves to help his patients achieve pain relief life.

Launched in January 2015, Elite Trend have grown to be an  fast eCommerce company and continue to produce high quality, convenient yet affordable outdoor gears. Our Microfiber towels have been everyone’s favorite and continue to be innovative.

With Elite Trend, we ensure that you will get a high-quality product that has a reputation for reliability and performance. Whether you are searching for high quality microfiber travel or beach towels, remarkable cooling towels or other outdoor, health, fitness products, we have you covered.


We thank you for all your support and we will continue to pursue the colorful dream which promotes health and wellness for a special you.

Mia and Michael

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