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Jump Head-On Into the Water with the Best Microfiber Beach Towel

Have you ever wandered to the beach without a beach towel? You definitely missed out on the fun, the. It is a fact and you better admit that!

The #Beach Towel

This is not just another kind of fancy towel. It is different from your daily towel, in size, material and utility. When armed with a nice beach towel, you can wipe yourself after a quick swim and even change into your clothes on the beach itself.

Microfiber Beach Towel – Best of the lot

The best of this variety is the Ombre Octopus Oversized Beach Towel. Too long a name, right? It sure has its benefits for you. So, why would you buy this fancy towel?

· The first attraction – The huge octopus printed design. It is surely a match with the sea, isn’t it? I too believe the same. And it makes it all the more attractive as well. You can even block your space on the sand and come back to the same.

· Its king-sized bed sheet size provides ample space to place all your beach goodies. You can even use it on uneven, rocky parts of the beach and it surely won’t hurt your buttocks. The thickness is such, that you can lay it on any surface whatsoever, be it grass or any other medium.

· The #Microfiber Beach Towel is made of pure cotton and can soak all the water that you bring along, after a dip in the pool or ocean.

You can purchase this #beautiful yet utilitarian #towel at just $15 from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Now, moving on to travel towels, microfiber is ruling the market. A #Quick Dry microfiber travel towel can help you get rid of any kind of dirt, on the move. These are super easy to pack as they are foldable and can fit any space. You can use these on any of your adventurous trips, be it for swimming, biking or after a spurt of yogic activity.

The XL Packtowl Original Towel is a good bet. This thin and light microfiber towel is thick and comfortable and easily soaks up all kinds of fluids. It is a bit smaller than other beach towels, but it more than compensates for that, in quality and durability.

Quick #Dry microfiber #travel #towel has hit the market and is a hit among travellers.

And the price is just $24. So, no more dirt and grime or liquids, it is just microfiber all the way.

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