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Change Super-Light to Quick Dry Microfiber Travel Towel and Travel Smarter

Travel is an essential part of life, and everyone knows that packing for any kind of travel experience is not an easy task. The most important thing a traveller must carry is towels.

To change the total game of travel towels scientist came up with a new material called microfiber which is used for making different items like travel towels, mops, clothes etc. Towels made from microfibers are super compact, light, and they dry fast.

Let us begin with the basics.

What is microfiber?

Microfiber is different from any material that you have ever seen. Microfiber refers to a synthetic fibre which is extremely thin it slimmer than most of the materials we use like cotton, silk. Microfiber is even smaller than one-fifth of human hair; you can compare 7 strands of microfiber with one hair on your body.

The stands of microfiber are woven in a web-like fashion so that the cloth made out of it can be super compact and each strand of microfiber have bristles like toothbrush so that the material can dry fast.

There are many large multinational companies that make companies like Amazon, crov, maximmart that make microfiber material like mops, microfiber cloths made for running, Quick Dry microfiber travel towel, Microfiber Beach Towel and many different products.

Now let's see the advantages of microfiber towels over other


1. Microfiber travel towels are non-abrasive and they are soft to touch just like cotton but it is doesn't leaves a damp like a cotton towel so it is just right for traveling.

2. Microfiber travel towel is of split weave type which means microfiber towels are super absorbent much more than cotton and Lenin.

3. Microfiber clothing and towels can be treated with anti-bacterial solutions and these microfiber materials are very much hygienic.

4. You can fold your microfiber towel and can travel super light. If you cut out same measurements of microfiber and cotton towels and do a side by side comparison you can see that microfiber material is super light and it can fit into spaces where your cotton towels do not.

According to the poll, these are the companies that make the best microfiber travel towels.

List of companies

· #Sea to Summit.

· Micronet.

· 3 .Aquis.

· Maximmart.

· Crov.

· Sportlight.

You can choose from these brands to get your authentic Quick Dry microfiber travel towel and they also sell Microfiber Beach Towel for your perfect beach .you can go and visit their websites if you want to buy one.

Thank you, hope this information was helpful.

Enjoy your #travels.

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